The College of Vedic Studies Leicester is based at one of the most iconic Victorian buildings at the centre of City of Leicester. It offers a range of educational, spiritual and personal development courses and workshops based on the ancient teachings of the Vedas, catering for people from all walks of life.


We have a range of courses which begin with exploring foundational philosophical concepts and can lead the learner to gain a scriptural degree. Our classes have interactive presentations, lively group discussions, debates, and offer the opportunity to question and challenge our tutors. These courses have been highly successful and since our launch in 2014, some 200 learners have experienced a life changing journey of embracing and applying Vedic wisdom in their daily lives.  


Our tutors are committed spiritual practitioners and bring practical insights for better health, relationships, spirituality and general well-being. Outside of the formal classes, they are available to mentor or coach course participants.


The College of Vedic Studies provides systematic training and education in spiritual knowledge to people of all walks of life, teaching spiritual techniques and values-led living with a view to enhancing both unity and peace in the world around us.

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